Connecting brands to people
through cameras.


KTK powers fun, engaging camera experiences that capture videos and photos of your audience and instantly transform them into stunning, branded content.

Discover What Your Marketing is Missing
With a Social Media Photo Booth


Our Services

Are you looking for innovative and engaging event solutions to connect with your customers through the powerful influence of social media?
With a social media photo booth rental from KTK, you can create fun-filled brand experiences that people love to share, and build awareness by promoting a positive online presence for your business.

Gain maximum exposure for your brand when you connect your offline event to your online presence. KTK can provide your business with an event marketing campaign that can help you to exponentially increase your event reach, and build loyalty and trust with customers.

Seamlessly Integrate Custom-Designed Photo Booth Branding

Our photo kiosks include your logo and messaging, allowing for easy integration with any brand or event theme. Our team can customize your booth with a branded photo booth, on the skin and user interface, or if you prefer to handle the design process in-house, we can partner with your team to assist with implementing a perfect solution for your brand.


Integrating user-generated and social content with a photo booth marketing campaign can give people the opportunity to share their positive experiences with your brand online, which is now an essential part of influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions.


We work with the world's best brands and talent to produce insanely immersive experiences that generate gigs of shareable branded content.