The team at KTK carry themselves with the most upright respect. They arrived early and had set-up their equipment in no time. During the event they were always engaging, very guest-friendly, and kept a smile on throughout night. These guys are wonderful!

Happy Clients


When I first was booking with KTK Events I was a little skeptical about how the equipment was going to look, but after they arrived and set-up I was amazed. I have worked with other companies for photo-booths and games, but none are more precise than KTK. The photo-booth was clean and in brand-new condition, as well as the games. They did a neat job setting up, everything was flawless. Definitely, one of the best companies I have had the honor of working with.


KTK Events has been efficient and proactive, particularly in meeting deadlines and their added value support on event issues. KTK Events strikes just the right balance between being flexible and easy to deal with, yet having all the key strengths, attributes and consistency necessary to support any party planning needs. When I approached this team, I wasn’t entirely sure on what I had wanted to do for my event, but KTK Events helped guide me through the party planning process and created one of the best nights that my corporation has ever seen. Their one-on-one consultation is a great part of their process and one of the reasons why planning with KTK Events is easier and more efficient. Can’t begin to thank them enough for all their patience, wise decisions, good humor, and support.


Many thanks for sorting out the accounts and the best options for my event. I have been really impressed with the personal service your company has offered, and the way you have personally dealt with my questions and concerns. You guys have really been a huge part in the success of our events.


Quality work and friendliness is why I chose to work with KTK Events. It just felt right from the start. They were organized and easy to work with. The entire experience has been great and I am very pleased with the outcome of our event. Our guest had so many fantastic comments on their work, it would be a pleasure to work with them again.